As founder and CEO of Deserving Health International Corp., Mr. Armani has close to 30 years of experience in the research and development of botanical extractions, the isolation of phytochemical compounds from plants and herbs, the development of natural therapeutic products, and the creation of natural product formulations.

Large-scale research projects, both in Germany and Switzerland, involved Mr. Armani’s extensive background in spagyrik whole-plant extracts, homeopathics, isopathics, and the highest quality immune-modulator extractions from bacteria and fungus available today.  Pleomorphic and isopathic remedies (discovered by Professor Enderlein in the 1920s in Germany) are used successfully in many countries worldwide.

Rooted with extensive skincare industry experience in Germany, Mr. Armani continues to build on this German heritage and his passion for natural health and wellness in the beautiful British Columbia, Canada, a place he now calls home. He is also the founder and CEO of DermaMed Pharmaceutical Inc, a Vancouver-based company that has been widely recognized as one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of natural personal care products since 1997.

Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Armani received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce (British Columbia, Canada) in 2005 and founded Biolytical Laboratories Inc. At Biolytical Laboratories, Mr. Armani initiated the development work for the fastest HIV Test Kit (known under the trade name of INSTI HIV TEST KIT), approved by Health Canada, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA USA), and Conformité Européene (CE).  With an extensive list of natural product formulations already under his belt, Mr. Armani remains devoted to developing more proprietary formulations and innovative natural skin care and personal care products.