Keep your baby’s skin healthy

January 23, 2020

Keep your baby’s skin healthy

As a parent you want to keep your baby’s skin soft, clean, and healthy, but you worry about the irritants, harsh chemicals and even fragrances in your baby’s personal care products. There are numerous baby shampoos, lotions, and body washes on the market; however, not all of these are risk-free for your baby. Many products contain toxic chemical ingredients that may lead to skin irritations and allergies; even harming the body later in life. Because a baby’s immune system is less developed than an adult’s, protecting them from these harmful products is even more important. Several common chemicals and toxins that could be harmful to your babies are


It smells great and fresh, BUT what the manufacturers of those great smelling products are not telling you is that that fragrance is generally the results of coal and petroleum derived synthetic chemicals. More importantly, the problem with fragrance is that it’s a catch-all term for whatever secret ingredients a company wishes to add. What is contained within the term ‘fragrance’ is not obligated to be revealed.

Benzoic Acid:

Benzoic acid is a preservative derived from berries, apples and other natural sources. What some producers aren’t concerned about is that there have been studies suggesting that Benzoic Acid is related to skin irritation and the reduction in organ weight. Benzoic acid and Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) have been known to combine under certain circumstances to create benzene, which is carcinogenic.

Petroleum-Based Products:

According to Environmental Working Group (EWG), 40 percent of all baby lotions and oils contain petrolatum, which is made from crude oil. This petroleum-based oil (also know as mineral oil or baby oil) coats your baby’s skin with a contaminated film that doesn’t allow the skin to “Breathe”; it clogs pores and slows the skin’s ability to release toxins, which also reduces skin functionality and normal cell development.


Parabens occur naturally at low levels in certain foods such as barley, strawberries, currants, vanilla, carrots, and onions, all of which are good for you. But to use a synthetic preparation derived from petrochemicals in cosmetics??? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! Low doses of synthetic parabens have been linked to organ developmental and reproductive problems. The trick is to avoid all forms of parabens such as methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, and isopropyl- when purchasing your child’s skin care products.

NOW is the time to consider going organic by choosing baby care products that are all natural.  These choices can help reduce the occurrence of worrisome rashes, hives and irritations on your babies’ skin. By embracing all natural products with organic ingredients you teach your children healthy habits for both body and planet. Our Deserving Health products contain certified organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals, parabens, gluten, fragrance or colorants. Our products are NOT tested on animals and do not contain animal ingredients! Start keeping your baby’s skin healthy today with Deserving Health.